10 Productivity Hacks for Procrastinators

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Let me guess, you should be doing something else right now – but instead you’re reading a blog post about how to overcome your procrastination issues. Sometimes procrastination is disguised as time management problems, but often there’s nothing preventing us from doing what we need to do. We just ‘don’t feel like it’. Well, luckily there are some simple steps you can take to prevent your desire to procrastinate from taking over!

Set 3 Goals Each Morning
If you want to get into a really great productivity-boosting habit, try this. When you get up in the morning, write down your 3 biggest goals/priorities for the day. Visualize how you might approach completing those. 3 is an attainable number and helps set your focus for the day ahead, and you’ll be more motivated to complete these tasks.
Take Breaks
It might seem counter-intuitive, however studies have shown that taking breaks actually increases productivity. You have mental stamina, and you don’t want to use it all up too fast. Pace yourself and allow yourself mental breaks so you can stay refreshed and focused throughout the day.
Just do 10 Minutes
When you have a task you really don’t feel like doing, just try it for 10 minutes. 10 minutes is easy, it’s not intimidating. Often just getting a task started will get the ball rolling, and once you’re in the zone you’ll likely want to complete the task. this is know asthe Zeigarnik Effect. Give yourself just 10 minutes to get it started, and see where that takes you,
Surround Yourself With Red & Blue
Science has actually shown the colours red & blue to have a positive cognitive effect! Red has been shown to promote attention to detail, and blue can foster creativity. So see if you can add some of these colours to your workspace!
Eliminate Tech Distractions
While your smartphone and Facebook can be valuable productivity and networking tools outside of the office, having them easily accessible is actually a huge distraction. The average person checks their smartphone many times per hour, up to nearly 100 times per day. Simple moving your phone out of reach can have a dramatic impact on your productivity and prevent you from finding yet another reason to procrastinate.
Break Larges Tasks into Smaller ones
Larger tasks can seem daunting. But breaking them up into smaller bits and starting with the easiest one can not only help it seem more achievable but can also just help you get the task started until the Zeigarnik Effect we mentioned before starts to kick in!
Change Up The Scenery
Sometimes working in the same place every day can start to take its toll on your productivity. Try working from a coffee shop or library. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to get you honed in on your tasks.
Get Enough Sleep
This one might seem obvious, but it’s surprising how often it’s still ignored! Getting adequate rest ensures you have the physical and mental energy to accomplish your tasks each day.
Enlist ‘Task Police’
A great way to help you stay focused is to enlist the help of someone to act as your task police, who can come and remind you to keep working, or reproach you when you’re procrastinating. This could be a friend, family member, or even a coworker.
Try Co-Working Spaces
Co-Working is a great option for many people. Working with other people can greatly improve your productivity by having people near you to bounce ideas off of, collaborate, inspire creativity, and hold you accountable. SuiteWorks offers co-working space and other dedicated office space– full or part time – to get you started. So stop procrastinating and give us a call!
SuiteWorks is pleased to offer businesses in Barrie and Simcoe County a range of office space, from co-working desks to virtual office package. Call us to find out more. 1.866.967.5711.

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