5 Tips to Spring "Organize" Your Office!

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It’s officially spring! Which, yes, means it’s time for some spring cleaning. You’ll probably feel the urge to tidy up your home, but it’s important not to neglect your workspace. A messy, disorganized workspace can inhibit your productivity and cause unnecessary stress. Spring “cleaning” might be the wrong name when it comes to your office. It should be called spring “organizing”! But if just reading the word “organize” gives you some mild anxiety, do not fret. We’ve laid out 5 easy tips to get you started and you’ll be clutter free in no time!
Digital Documents
While organizing and decluttering your physical workspace is important, it’s just as important to clean up your digital workspace. If your desktop is overflowing with documents, images, and files, it might be hindering your productivity. Organize your files into a system that lets you easily find and access what you’re looking for. For example, if you have different clients, you could organize each file by client name. Or if you have a few different projects, you should keep all the files of each project together.
Whatever you decide, it should make sense to YOU, and it should keep your desktop clear so when you start work each day you aren’t overwhelmed by the number of files staring back at you.
If you’re anything like me, it can be easy to let papers and files pile up on your physical desktop as well. It starts with one or two files and before you know it, you’re drowning in a sea of paper. The first thing to do is try to eliminate as much paper as possible to begin with. If you use notepads for to-do lists, you might like to try some of the free web-based programs that let you build a to-do list including reminders and more. Evernote and Trello are great options!
For the paper leftover that must stay paper, get yourself a filing cabinet to slide under your desk. You can purchase color-coded file folders and label them. You should have a folder for temporary storage, which you can clean out at the end of each day or week as you need. This will help prevent old irrelevant papers from piling up on your desk and taking up space.
If your desk has drawers, you probably have at least one that acts as an “everything” or “catch-all” drawer, where an abundance of random tools, accessories, and supplies come to live. Over the winter, you might have been too low- energy to bother tidying this drawer up, but there’s no better time than NOW! Grab yourself some drawer dividers from your local office supply store, and get to work sorting those drawers.
Keeping your office supplies in a drawer instead of on your desk can also help clear clutter away. The only thing you really need on your desk is things you actually use regularly. A pen, a notepad, your computer etc. If you use highlighters, paper clips, and post-its sparingly, keep them in the drawer.

One of the biggest destroyers of productivity is your smartphone. Ironically, the smartphone can be an amazing tool for productivity when you’re on the move. But when you’re sitting at your desk trying to get work done, the pings and buzzes from your various social networks, the messages from friends to make plans after work, and the pull of your latest bejeweled game can be extremely distracting. So make it part of your spring cleaning to find a designated spot for your smartphone where it’s accessible if you really need it, but out of view so you can focus on the important tasks at hand.
Wipe down
Once the clutter is gone, there is one final step to finish it off. Grab a cloth and some cleaning solution and give your desk & chair a good wipe down. You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe your monitor, mouse, keyboard, and other electronics. Keeping your desk clean and dust free regularly will help keep you healthy, and make a good impression on the boss & coworkers. Don’t forget to toss old coffee cups and water any greenery you might have sitting on your desk.
We hope you can find the time to get your workspace clean and organized. Spring cleaning is important for your mental health, especially where you spend the majority of your time!
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