5 Ways to Improve Home Office Productivity

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Improving organization of your home office can greatly improve your work performance. Here’s some tips to get your started:   
1.  Remove Distractions from Your Workspace.  Keep personal distractions out of sight while your working, but feel free to take advantage of activities you enjoy while you’re taking a break (you are working from home after all!)  You should also de-clutter your workspace by removing items you don’t typically use in your day-to-day tasks.  This can include furniture, equipment and supplies, or even plants and knick-knacks.
2.  Improve Your Office Layout.  If your workspace is in a shared space such as your bedroom or dining room, it’s important to focus on separating the two spaces.  While you may not be able to move your workspace into it’s own room, you can take some small steps to improve functionality.  Start by choosing functional locations for your office equipment so that you have everything in one space.  For example, it doesn’t make much sense to have your printer in the basement if you do the majority of your printing from the second floor.
3.  Be a Minimalist. The fewer items you have on your desk, the less likely you are to have clutter.  Keeping your workplace neat and tidy can become a time-consuming task when you print tons of unnecessary paperwork and buy numerous “organization” accessories and office supplies. Stick with items you actually need to complete your projects and tasks.  And when you’re finished, tuck them away until you move onto your next project.
4.  Keep Your Desktop Clean.  Try not to save all of your files on your desktop.  Create a filing system that is easy to manage and get in the habit of saving your files in the correct folder.  If this doesn’t work for you, try to clean-up your desktop on a weekly basis – you can even add in a weekly reminder that it’s time to tidy up your desktop.
5.  Decorate Your Workspace.  Colour can have a major impact on your productivity and mood, so choose a paint colour that will inspire, calm or improve focus.  Likewise, having a plant can impact your focus and creativity, with the added benefit of improving air quality.  Finally, add some personality to your workspace – whether it’s art to inspire you or career and education certificates to showcase your success, adding some decorative items can improve your mood and boost your productivity.
Once you’ve implemented these small steps, you should see an increase in your productivity.  If you are unable to reduce distractions, or find it difficult to work from your home office all the time, consider adding co-working or office sharing into the mix. You’ll have the best of both worlds – the freedom to make your own schedule and work from home when you want, combined with a "dedicated" office space with low overhead and flexibility. SuiteWorks is pleased to offer businesses in Barrie and Simcoe County a range of office space, from co-working desks to connected suites. Call us to arrange a tour and find out more. 1.866.967.5711.

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