A Virtual Office Can Create A Professional Image

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How does your business, with a smaller budget, stand out among larger competitors?
It’s a challenge with which all small business owners are familiar, but one that must be overcome to continue to grow.
Given the way technology has impacted the work place, it’s no surprise that recent studies have concluded that many regular office jobs can be performed outside of traditional offices.
Studies have also suggested that at least 40 percent of the entire working population – would be able to work from locations other than their office … all they need is a reliable Internet connection.
No one understands those facts more than an entrepreneur or small business owner. One of the factors that has spurred new business growth during an economic downturn is that so many office alternatives now exist – thanks to technology.
For instance, new business owners no longer must be burdened with the financial costs of setting up an office that were typically necessary in the past. Office costs for rent, furniture, decorators, lighting, equipment, staff, utilities, IT equipment and materials can all be eliminated, because they’re included in the virtual office environment.
If you’re thinking virtual always means online, you’d be mistaken. For example, we recommend that every business should have a physical address, so get a respectable community business address for mail and packages like our SuiteWorks address of 92 Caplan Ave, Barrie. Don’t get a PO Box# at your local corner store, but an addresss that people know and respect.
In a virtual office package you can also have a live receptionist to greet clients and answer the phone. This would include state-of-the-art facilities including a phone systems that forwards calls to wherever you are. 
A live virtual receptionists can answer every call with a personalized greeting, answer all customer service inquiries, and transfer calls directly to you as needed, in addition to performing a variety of other administrative tasks—all for far less than hiring a full-time employee. 
But one of the best parts of some of these virtual office packages is that you can actually rent an office or conference room for as little as an hour at a time – at unbelievably low costs – like from only $15 an hour here at SuiteWorks.
Creating a professional business image that gets noticed is simpler than you might think, even on a budget, when the goal is to convey to clients and customers that you are serious about ensuring they have a pleasant experience with your business.
A professional virtual address located in a major business center, complete with mail forwarding services, optional lobby directory listings, and access to desk space and meeting rooms in which to meet with clients, gives you the appearance of a larger company at a fraction of the cost and will generate that professional image for you.

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