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The internet has changed the way we evaluate products and services, and most people will read blogs, visit a website, or check out social media before interacting with a company.

We love meeting people face to face to show them the range of work space solutions we have at SuiteWorks Business Centres. Seeing is believing, and not only do you get to experience the vibe or our facility during a real tour, but you get to ask all your questions about services and plans.

I use the term ‘real tour’ because we also have a virtual tour on our website created with Google Street View. You might be familiar with that technology, used in Google maps. Dropping the person icon onto a map changes the view to a 360 photo image that can be navigated , so you can tour neighbourhoods or see the area around a certain building.

In addition to walk-throughs on Google maps you can also take a virtual tour inside buildings. The same mapping software allows you to walk through hallways and look inside rooms. Many museums and other public buildings around the world have created Google Street view indoor tours.

Our website is a great way to inform yourself about our attractive offices, co-working space, meeting rooms, and lounge by viewing our photo galleries.

Did you know that on our website we also have a virtual 360 tour of SuiteWorks? Click here to explore our facility. You’ll see how bright and inviting the space is. Just double click to walk past our secure reception area to enter the main hallway. As you proceed towards the Lounge you’ll see our smaller meeting rooms, perfect for team meetings. Our larger meetings rooms are closer to reception and offer flexible desk configurations to accommodate different sized groups. People are struck by the high ceiling and large 2 story sized windows. It’s one of the first thing people remark about when they enter the main building – how spacious and contemporary it looks.

I encourage you to visit our website, and learn more about our services and take a virtual tour of our office space, but, if you have any questions or you want to book a ‘real’ tour then don’t hesitate to call!

SuiteWorks posts pictures, makes announcements, offers office productivity and co-working tips, and posts special promotions on our social media pages such as FaceBook and Twitter. Make sure to follow us to stay up-to-date and to be first to take advantage of any special offers.

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