Decorate Your Desk For the Holidays!

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The Santa Claus Parade, jingle bells, sugar cookies, pine bows, and shopping lists – the season is in full swing! Christmas lights are popping up in the neighbourhood and you might be thinking about clearing a space for the Christmas tree in your living room.

But how about bringing a handful of that red and green bling into your office space to bright up your work area? Having a few decorations on your desk can go along way in creating a cheerful diversion and add a bit of fun to the work day.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. You might find a miniature tree at the dollar store or a set of tiny lights to string along the top of your computer monitor. How about a pot of Paper Whites that will bloom in 3-4 weeks or a Christmas Cactus? Whatever you decide, the idea is to lighten the atmosphere and celebrate the season while you are working.

One sure fired way to say Christmas is with a poinsettia. You can find this beautiful plant in the traditional crimson red, pink or even white. Some plants can be quite large so you could have them near doorways or use a smaller one on your desk.

Did you know that the poinsettia is also known as Flores de Noche Buena or Flowers of the Holy Night because they bloom during Christmas? The plant has a long tradition in Mexico going back to the Aztecs, but in the 19th century a US Ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberto Poinsett made the plant famous by using it to decorate his home in South Carolina. Today, poinsettia’s are grown and distributed around the world and have become an icon of Christmas decoration.

If you bring a poinsettia to work you might want to read up on the best conditions for it. Landscape Ontario has some growing and care tips to help you out.

  1. Poinsettia’s like bright natural light but not direct sunlight
  2. Keep your plant out of hot or cold draughts
  3. Let the soil dry out before you water and remove excess water from saucer after 10 minutes.

It’s wonderful to bring a little cheer to the office and personalize your workspace with seasonal decorations and plants.We look forward enjoying the up-coming season with all our clients, long-standing, and new!

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