Five Benefits of Having a Virtual Office Located In Barrie for your Small Business

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The Virtual Office model is relatively new, but its adoption by small businesses and start-ups has been a game changer for many organizations. For self-employed individuals, it creates an anchor into a business network – outside of their home office. In addition, small businesses are able to take advantage of business services when they need them, giving their organization polish and professionalism at a fraction of the cost of a full-time location with equivalent meeting space.
If your work demands that you operate outside the standard punch-clock 9-5 lifestyle – you need an office that does the same. You need all the perks and image of a full-time office, without the commitment or the costs. Virtual offices are the perfect complement to a mobile worker’s home office. 
Ready to consider a Virtual Office or a part-time office location? Consider these 5 benefits, and then give us a call to arrange a tour of our Business Centre in Barrie. 1.866.967.571
Massive Savings
The traditional business office would demand you to acquire physical infrastructures such as office equipment, furniture and renting an office space or building. In addition you would need to cover the maintenance and cleaning fees. This can be very costly and time-consuming. A virtual office will allow you to tailor your use of space and services to your business needs. This allows you to start off with what you currently need and scale up as your business grows.
Increased Efficiency
Partnering with a Virtual Office provider promotes an increase in efficiency at work. Virtual Office services include handling the majority of the clients’ telecommunications so you will have more time to focus on important projects. A Virtual Office provides an assistant to respond to customer phone calls and handle other business tasks based on your service package.
An upscale or appealing office space at an affordable rate is included when partnering with Virtual Office provider. It could be the competitive edge you need, giving your organization an appealing image representing your brand to clients. Owners and employees feel better working in an attractive surrounding, resulting in motivation and improved creativity.
Lower Risk for a Business Venture
Building a Start-up company has many risks and financial resources are tight. Re-directing investment funds into sales and marketing to kick-start revenue is better than using precious resources to buy space, furniture, and equipment. A Virtual Office may lower the risk of insolvency in case the business faces unexpected financial challenges. Virtual Office pricing allows you to scale back services if needed, just as you can scale up services when your business is growing.
Access to Meeting Rooms
A Virtual Office provides clients with conference rooms for meetings on a demand basis. You don’t need to carry extra office square footage that you only use a few times a month. The conference room contains audio visual equipment that your business may not be able to justify purchasing. So by holding meetings in a Virtual Office conference room, you get the space you need when you need it, and the best presentation equipment available.
At SuiteWorks, if you’re in Barrie on Monday, then Mississauga on Tuesday, and Windsor the rest of the week, your office is still open and looked after. Our reception services ensure that all your calls are answered professionally, and forwarded to you; wherever you are. Our phone services keep you in touch, wherever there’s an internet connection. Technological advances have made the internet wireless, and phones smarter. However, the ability to make service portable is truly revolutionary.
SuiteWorks is a world class business centre serving all of central Ontario. Call us today to set up a complimentary Tour and learn how your business can benefit from a flexible office solution including co-working space and virtual offices – Toll Free 1.866.967.5711 or

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