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When you decided to work from home, the benefits likely seemed immeasurable.  The ability to work on your own schedule, with less stress, no commuting and an improved work/life balance are definitely key advantages to working from home.  
But is your productivity suffering?
Whether your family is at home while you work, or you have a huge personal to-do list that doesn’t seem to get any smaller, it’s easy to become distracted from work – especially if you are already procrastinating finishing certain tasks like prospecting or cold calling.
Finding the balance between personal tasks and work tasks is difficult, and sometimes it requires you to work outside of your home for brief periods of time to lessen the distractions.  
Since working out of a traditional office is not an option you want to consider – after all, you just started working from home! – that leaves you with a coffee shop, library or lounge as your main three options.
While working out of a library or coffee shop may help increase creativity and focus, the noise of a coffee shop may become distracting, and the atmosphere of a library may be too quiet.  Working out of a lounge is the happy medium between the two.
SuiteWorks just launched a new Lounge Membership to provide a space where you can work outside of your home, lessening distractions but also providing the opportunity to meet other Barrie business owners and employees.
The Lounge provides a professional work environment with no fixed costs aside from your membership fee and the added bonus of free WiFi and coffee while you work.  Since you do not need to book time in advance, you can pop-in during business hours to chip away at an important project or just work on your day-to-day tasks.  
Click here to find out more about our Lounge Membership orbook a personal tourtoday.   SuiteWorks is pleased to offer businesses in Barrie and Simcoe County a range of office space, from co-working desks to connected suites. Call us to arrange a tour and find out more. 1.866.967.5711

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