How to Set Up Your Workspace for Success

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Your business is growing.  You’ve decided it’s time to expand and move your business into a more permanent location rather than your home, co-working space or even coffee shop.  Perhaps your business is growing quickly and you need an office for your employees to complete their projects, or maybe you’d like to provide a meeting space that will impress your growing clientele.
When it’s time to settle down and “build” a new office, it can be a challenge to create a functional workplace that’s both efficient and visually appealing.  And if you’re going to spend seven hours a day in your office (or likely more!), then you should take the time to design an office space that boosts productivity, is comfortable, and maybe even inspiring. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate productivity and comfort in your new workspace:
Office Layout
Your office layout will play a huge role in defining your company culture. Ever heard the terms cellular office, open office, combination office or co-working office? Which one will work best for you? Each type of office layout has its own advantages.Cellular – This is the “traditional” office style, where separate offices (with doors!) are used for one or more people and accessed from shared hallways.  A cubicle office layout is also a type of cellular office.  This type of layout allows for more privacy but may slow down information and reduce personal communication.Open – Open office layouts minimize the use of small, private office.  Instead, employees work together in a large open space, encouraging collaboration and brainstorming.  Unfortunately, this type of layout may cause employees to become distracted or lower levels of concentration.Combination – For some, a combination office offers the benefits of cellular and open office layouts.  You’ll be able to easily switch from work that requires individualized focus to creative group brainstorming sessions.Co-Working – Co-working is the ideal option for consultants or employees who don’t have an office space (outside of their home) and would like to commit to a project without committing to an actual office.  This is a great option if you’re not quite ready to commit to an office space.Workspace Essentials What you choose to equip your office with will be completely unique to your business, but there are some fundamental components that will set you up for success.  Of course you’ll need to stock up on office supplies like paper, pens and notebooks, and purchase a desktop computer and monitor, but what about an ergonomic chair? You and your employees will be spending a significant amount of time in your office.  Invest in an ergonomic chair, and consider ergonomic accessories (think about a keyboard and mouse … and maybe even footrests or document holders).  Ergonomic chairs and accessories will go a long way in improving the comfort of your office and increasing productivity.Personalization It is possible to have a personalized AND professional office and workspace.  Don’t skip the personalization – not only can it spark creativity, it’ll also lend to your workplace culture. Plants and natural lighting are great design aspects, but you’ll need to add your own personality with colour choices and artwork.  And you can personalize your desk as well – personal photos are ok – just remember to choose appropriate shots.
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