Moving Your Home Business to a Business Centre

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Working from home can have it’s downside such as handling day to day distractions. Switching from a home office to a business centre can reduce productivity issues. SuiteWorks is a fully serviced business centre in Barrie that can help a small business, a regional company, or a company looking for a branch office, by providing a range of services and flexible office space.

If you’re running a business from home and need to move out to an office, we can significantly reduce your set-up costs by reducing your spending towards office space, staffing costs, IT infrastructure, and audio / video conferencing.

Some of the negatives of working from home

Distractions are everywhere in the home, for example TV, un-done chores, music, outside noises, other people that live with you, kids friends, or your partner. In addition to distractions you need to think about ergonomics and work environment. It’s generally not a good idea to work from your couch or your bedroom. You should try and separate your home life from your work life. If you have a home office, it’s important to have a good chair and be seating properly for operating your keyboard. Office chairs are expensive but can help reduce discomfort and prevent back problems. Do you need to meet with clients? If so, you might need to find a location in the area to meet for a coffee rather than inviting people into your home.

How can a business centre help you overcome these negatives

With a business centre you can eliminate all the distractions that surround you in your home. A business centre will help you be more focused in growing your business and getting your work done. Also it has all the essential equipment that you need to do your work whatever it may be. We have different types of offices for your personal needs. Plus it give you the uninterrupted time you need to concentrate of your business. With a business centre your business look more professional, and if you are needing a meeting with one of your clients you can impress them with our professional meeting rooms or cafe area.

A business centre offers many flexible office space options.

SuiteWorks provides flexible business solutions, a professional facility to work in, and networking with like-minded professionals. We have dedicated office space, coworking and part-time offices. So if you are just starting out and only need space for yourself – or you plan to grow and add more staff – we can offer a solution tailored for your needs now and in the future. The first step is to call us for a free walk-about tour and we’ll provide you with all the details.

SuiteWorks is pleased to offer businesses in Barrie and Simcoe County a range of office space, from co-working desks, to full private offices, to virtual office packages. Ready to learn more about SuiteWorks? Please contact us today and arrange a SuiteWorks tour. 1.866.967.5711.

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