Video Conferencing: Preferred Communication Tool in 2016

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A new study shows that video conferencing will become the number one method of communication by 2016.
Below is an article written by Tim Sandle for Digital Journal
According to the new survey on global video conferencing trends, video conferencing is expected to become the preferred way of communication for businesses by 2016.
What does video conferencing mean?
Video conferencing means … it’s the use of computers to provide a video link between two or more   people. With video conferencing you’re able to share maps, videos, and images. Whereas the telephone, you cannot share those means of business with your clients. Multipoint video conferencing is a new tool that allows three or more people attend the same meeting at once no matter where you are in the world
The Advantages of Video Conferencing
You do not have to leave your office for a meeting.Travel expenses are reduced considerably.You can attend worldwide meetings by sitting at your desk.People who are physically unable to attend meetings don’t have to as its right at their fingertips.
Currently video conferencing is ranked third with 47% after email at 89% and voice/conference calls at 64%. However, by 2016 video conferencing will be on the rise and become the top means of communications for businesses.

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