3 Tactful & Effective Ways to Gain Value to Your Private Office

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Want a more flexible office? You can get more value out of each square foot of your office space by making it more versatile. Start with these tips.

Paper-Free Office

Do you find your office seems to get cluttered quite frequently? Try to make your office paper-free and turning all processes into digital ones. This will help you free up office space, save money and increase the effectiveness of your current processes. 

Therefore some of the spaces you can free up with traditional paper trails would be paper files, printers, shredders and related equipment that holds paper documents. 

By freeing up the areas in which you hold paper will allow you to gain space and flexibility you never had before. This can enhance the look of your private office to clients, making it look clean and crisp.

SuiteWorks Business Centre office space

Different workspace options 

To gain added value to your private office try utilizing the space that it is surrounded by. Is your office surrounded by outdoor space, lounges, break rooms or meeting spaces?

Encourage your team or yourself to take a break and utilize the other spaces that you have access to.  For example; go outside on your lunch break to get some fresh air. This, in turn, will boost your energy and help ease stress making your day more productive. 

You can also host seminars with your team in meeting rooms, breaking up your day into different environments or have brainstorm meetings in a lounge workspace.

Having the right amount of time and space in a private office and other workspaces allow your day to be the most productive it could possibly be. 

SuiteWorks Business Centre Meeting Space

 Flexible Working Hours 

More businesses are giving options to their employees on the idea of flexible working hours. Employees do not have to work the traditional nine to five working hours but have the option to clock in and out whenever the best time for them is and they are most productive. 

Flexible hours are a great option because they boost employee autonomy, increase productivity and create a work/life balance. Which ultimately makes yourself and your employees happier. 

The only way in which this would not be available would be when there are mandatory work meetings or clients requesting a specific time to meet but having the means to be flexible around those circumstances makes a huge difference when working for a business. 

At SuiteWorks with the purchase of a monthly membership to our workspaces, you are able to customize your workspace around you to make it further flexible and gain added value to your workspace. 

For example; with a membership to our executive office spaces you will be able to arrange the space to your likings, gain access to all of the workspaces in our business centre and have 24/7 access to your executive office space at any time.

If you want to gain value in your private office space come and join the SuiteWorks community now! Visit https://www.suiteworks.ca to join now!

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