3 Types of Business Meeting Etiquette

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Culture and expectations differ from company to company, and from country to country. What could seem rude at one workplace, may be normal at another! When starting a new job, it’s important to know the expected business etiquette!

Phone Etiquette

Don’t speak too loudly or too softly. If you’re worried about your volume, make sure you ask, “How am I coming across? Do you need me to talk more or less quietly?” Never interact with your phone while you’re with someone else. If you’re on a conference call and you’re not speaking, mute yourself so the others aren’t distracted by the outside noise.

Email Etiquette

Answer internal emails within one day and external emails within three days. Avoid overusing exclamation marks and smiley faces in business emails. Default to “Reply” over “Reply All.” Check with each person though before you make an introduction.

Virtual Meetings

When you are in virtual business meetings, make sure to look at the camera, not your own face. Staring at the camera makes you seem like you’re making eye contact. During your meeting,  make sure you’re not interrupted. Distractions by your pets, children, roommates, significant other, (etc.) can be hard to ignore. Try shutting your office or room door.

Before your meeting, check the area in camera range for inappropriate or overly personal items. If you’re starting the meeting, make sure all participants have the chance to speak or present ideas.

Give attendees around five minutes to settle in before diving into the virtual meeting agenda. Follow or set a clear agenda so people have time to think about contributions and ideas before presenting. Call on everyone who wants to participate in the discussion, or go around in a circle so everyone can speak.


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