3 Ways to Boost Productivity in a Virtual Office

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Whether you are a new business, small business or a thriving business, you need to alway be thinking productively and creatively, finding new ideas to take your business to the next level when working in a Virtual Office.

But sometimes, there are issues that come up, stopping us from creating those constant thoughts we need to grow our businesses. These can be a lack of communication, productivity issues, or even a lack of coffee in your day!

So we have come up with 3 Ways You Can Boost Productivity With Your Virtual Office.


Maintain Communication

Communication is very important in every office, virtual or real. This can improve productivity of a Virtual Office as communication is essential for various reasons. Although communication is difficult with a Virtual Office, due to not being together and not being able to have meetings face-to-face, there are other great ways to keep communication with your employees.

Video Chat Rooms like Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Google Duo and much more, are great for still keeping a face-to-face chat! These video calls can be used on your phone, tablet, or computer, as long as it has a camera.

Make sure that weekly, monthly or quarterly, you are clear and consistent on your meetings. If things need to be cleared up, emailing, texting, and of course meeting up in person every once in a while for coffee or lunch is another great way to keep in touch, as well as boost employee morale.


Create Flexible Schedules

The greatest advantage of working in a Virtual Office is working when it is convenient to you and your staff and that you can work in your own style and space. Especially if your job is being on the road quite a bit, Virtual Offices help to let you work from wherever, whenever!

Working a straight 9-5 everyday isn’t for everyone. Certain people are more productive when they can work the schedules that they are comfortable with. For example, it is proven that creative people are more productive when they work a little later in the morning, rather than starting bright and early. It’s a win for both the company and the employees to be able to work on their time as they know the deadlines and when to submit them.


Show Recognition

Everyone likes to be recognized for their work. Rather you are a team lead, employee or an entrepreneur, creating a way to measure and recognize when a major task has been completed is a great way to boost productivity in your team or for yourself.

A little bit of encouragement is sometimes all that is needed to boost productivity in a Virtual Office, or a real office. When an employee is rewarded in front of the others, it puts a sense of recognition and it can also make other employees, or yourself want to do more to be recognized and rewarded as well!


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