7 Productivity Tips That Can Make You Rich

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We understand that running a business can be stressful, expensive, and unorganized at times. That’s why you need to have some good productivity tips and tricks to keep your business running smoothly and under control! 

We created a list of the top 7 productivity tips and systems that can help your business grow!

Having a Great Productivity System

Productivity and project management systems are very important to your business. They keep you and your team on track for success! Some great productivity/project management systems include:

  1. Monday.com is a great productivity and project management system. It is a great team management web and mobile application. As of 2019, the company serves 80,000 organizations from around 200 vertical markets, including many non-technical organizations.
  2. Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. It allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files across devices, and share files. The best part is, it synchronizes with the rest of your Google accounts like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Meet, Google Sites and tons more!
  3. Trello lets you work more collaboratively and helps you get more done in an organized fashion. Offering boards, lists and more to organize and prioritize your projects and day to day work in a fun, flexible way, anyone can use this productivity tool. Especially entrepreneurs and small business owners!

Plan Everything

We mean it. Plan EVERYTHING. 

Meetings, deadlines, tasks, even personal reminders, and tasks, plan them out! Plan out which tasks need to be done, as well as when you’re going to complete them. The most important part of this, stick to it. 

A tip to make it a lot easier, keep a daily planner. This could be a paper booklet, your Google Calendar, or reminder apps. This will help you physically see and remember certain deadlines, meetings, personal appointments, bills (etc.). We love this because it reminds you of daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly tasks or meetings. 

Master Your Time Management

Talking about reminding yourself to finish tasks and plan out your day, master your productive time! You and your team should be able to track how much time is being spent on certain projects, clients, meetings(etc.). 

OnTheClock is an employee time clock where employees can clock in and out from specific locations. It’s simple for employees and employers to use. This is another great tool that you can use when your job applies to a virtual office! With this, you can access your account from any device whether you’re at home, work or on the road. The system is reliable and easy to set up as well. More and more people are choosing to find ways to avoid payroll headaches with virtual offices and working on the road. Turning to services like OnTheClock to accurately track time is a really great system for small businesses that only have a virtual office!

Create a Routine

Habits are powerful, but they’re not easy to form—particularly good habits.

Creating a productive routine goes hand in hand with everything we talked about above. Planning your whole day the night before will boost your productivity. For example, it places you in charge of your day, which motivates you more to complete what YOU planned. Whether it is personal or business, be specific about what you plan for your day and stick to it! 

It might be hard to start. Learning a new habit or routine (for example, waking up at 6 a.m every day) needs to be stuck to. After a month or two, it WILL become easier!  

Get Rid of Distractions 

Distractions are everywhere in this generation. Phones, apps, laptops, social media, phone calls, texts and more are mostly unavoidable. Technology is very useful, and now a growing necessity for businesses. Although, your attention from important tasks at work can be taken away to these devices. 

Try keeping your phone on silent, turning in-app notifications off, or turn on vibration instead of constantly “dinging”. Another great tip is to let other people know around you or through text that you are working an that you will get back to them later. 

Having Productive Meetings

Everyone has been on the side of the meeting attendee at bad meetings, but are you aware of how you run your own meetings? Are you using best practices to make sure you don’t commit the very same meeting sins that you yourself have had to suffer through? Just to be sure, you can read through the tips below on running an effective and efficient meeting:

  1. Make your meeting relevant. Is it the right option to have a meeting? Or can it be solved through email or a phone call? 
  2. Choose a good time/place. An early Monday morning meeting may not be the best time to hold a meeting. Holding a meeting immediately after lunch will ensure that your audience stays engaged. Meeting spaces present an added benefit of stress-free set-up, audio, visual support, and drinks like water, coffee, and tea.
  3. Stick to an agenda and take breaks. Make it worthwhile and prepare in advance with an agenda. Following an agenda will ensure everyone stays on topic. Remember to give frequent breaks when meetings are running long. 

Working in the Right Office Space

Working in the right office space is the most important tip for productivity. This can make or break your business!

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