3 Ways to Boost Productivity in a Virtual Office

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  Whether you are a new business, small business or a thriving business, you need to alway be thinking productively and creatively, finding new ideas to take your business to the next level when working in a Virtual Office. But sometimes, there are issues that come up, stopping us from creating those constant thoughts we need to grow our businesses. …

Is Your Business Evolving?

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Times have changed whether we like it or not and it is time for you to catch up! Businesses big or small are developing much more differently than they might have a decade ago. The modern state of business is something you are either starting out in, or you might have to drop your old work habits and adapt to …

The Barrie Lifestyle

The Barrie Lifestyle

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Barrie and Toronto, Ontario may have many aspects in common. Whether it’s the beautiful scenery and landmarks, rich and diverse culture or educated growing populations, but the hustle and bustle lifestyle for sure are different amongst these two cities just over 100 km apart along highway 400, ironically one of Canada’s busiest and largest highways. Work life balance is a …

Co working spaces

The 4 Benefits Of Co-WorkingSpaces

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The traditional workplace is becoming outdated and the idea of no more rushing out the door in the morning, and long commutes are making people look for alternatives when thinking of their own office. Working from home is a great option for small businesses and start-ups, but it can often create many opportunities for distraction that are not present in …