The Barrie Lifestyle

The Barrie Lifestyle

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Barrie and Toronto, Ontario may have many aspects in common. Whether it’s the beautiful scenery and landmarks, rich and diverse culture or educated growing populations, but the hustle and bustle lifestyle for sure are different amongst these two cities just over 100 km apart along highway 400, ironically one of Canada’s busiest and largest highways. Work life balance is a …

Food For Thought: How making your own meals makes you more productive

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Think about a time that you were highly productive. Now think again, what did you eat for lunch? It was most likely a healthy meal made by you or someone in your household. Getting in a healthy lunch can be difficult when working from your neighbourhood café. Not only can it easily distract you from your work composure, but also …

Co working spaces

The 4 Benefits Of Co-WorkingSpaces

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The traditional workplace is becoming outdated and the idea of no more rushing out the door in the morning, and long commutes are making people look for alternatives when thinking of their own office. Working from home is a great option for small businesses and start-ups, but it can often create many opportunities for distraction that are not present in …

Board Room Meeting

Start planning ahead and book your next meeting with us!

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Are you looking for a place to hold your 2018 kick-off meeting? Or are you trying to find a place to hold your annual review meeting for 2017? A business centre that offers an all inclusive meeting room can be the perfect option for you. SuiteWorks is the premier business centre in Barrie, offering flexible workspace solutions to small and …

Grow Your Business, Not Your Expenses

Grow Your Business, Not Your Expenses

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Business goals – we all have them. To increase profits, improve efficiencies, lower employee turnover, better our brand image – our choice of objectives is endless. But, at the end of the day, all of these goals lead to one thing – business growth. Whether you are a start-up or a mature business, you’re always looking for ways to propel …

Save on a Fully Furnished Executive Office

Save on a Fully Furnished Executive Office

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For some types of businesses, the ideal environment is a turn-key executive suite. It allows professional service companies, for example, to conduct one-on-one client meetings in the privacy of an enclosed, comfortable office. Along with the private, furnished space, an executive office at SuiteWorks offers a range of office support services, full reception, meeting rooms, and a high caliber professional …