Co-Working is the Perfect Solution for Your Small Business

Co-Working is the Perfect Solution for Your Small Business

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Are you an entrepreneur who is outgrowing their home office? Are you always on the move but occasionally need a home base to work from? Do you find yourself trying to conduct business in busy unproductive spaces, such as coffee shops? Do you own a mobile business and just don’t have the space to sit down and work when you aren’t visiting a client?

We have a solution!

With our Co-Working Spaces, you’ll get more privacy while enjoying the opportunity to network with neighbors in your shared space. It’s a high value, low cost solution that ensures you have work space when you need it!

Whether you’re looking to use a co-working office space full-time or part-time there are a lot of advantages to these types of office spaces. Here are some benefits of a co-working office spaces:

Everything You Need to Get Started

With our co-working spaces, you will enjoy everything you need to get the job done, on your schedule. Your space will include:

  • 24/7 access to the facility
  • 40 hours of usage per month
  • Discounts on meeting rooms
  • A semi-private shared space
  • Free WIFI
  • Free Starbucks coffee
  • Access to Networking Events, as well as Lunch and Learns

Small businesses owners also enjoy the flexibility of Co-Working Spaces, coming, and going as they please, to get their work done in a professional, yet fun environment


Networking is critical to any successful business strategy – it helps you source suppliers, find customers, get inspiration and so much more.

If you are interested in networking but don’t know where to start, Co-Working is a great option. While your space offers you the privacy you need to get the job done, you are also in a shared space with other professionals, giving you the opportunity to make friends, bounce ideas off like-minded individuals, or attend networking events to meet fellow business owners.

Budget Friendly

Renting an office can be expensive, even if it just a small space. You don’t just have to worry about rent, you also have to pay overhead costs, such as utilities and maintenance, and you have to equip your space with printers, phones, and supplies, etc.

Co-working spaces, on the other hand, offer packaged deals so you have no hidden costs. You simply pay a monthly fee.

And, until December 20th, our Co-Working Spaces are even more budget friendly!

Sign-up for our No-Frills Co-Working Package for only $199.00/month for 3 months and we will include a free mailbox (reg. $65.00). This will give you a professional mailing address where you can have business packages and mail sent.

If you love your space (which we are sure you will) and want to continue after 3 months, we will offer a discounted price on the mailbox.

At SuiteWorks Business Centres in Barrie, Ontario we pride ourselves in helping small businesses like yours significantly reduce your start-up risks/costs. Our clients enjoy every imaginable perk WITHOUT paying the high costs of utilities, janitorial services, parking, furniture, or office equipment.

To take advantage of this deal, or to find out more about our Co-Working Space, schedule a tour or give us a call!

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