Food For Thought: How making your own meals makes you more productive

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Think about a time that you were highly productive. Now think again, what did you eat for lunch? It was most likely a healthy meal made by you or someone in your household.

Getting in a healthy lunch can be difficult when working from your neighbourhood café. Not only can it easily distract you from your work composure, but also tempt you to purchase their foods. When getting work done, it is important to feed your body the proper foods that will fuel your mind to keep you going—and keep you going strong.

Everything we eat and put into our bodies turns into glucose, which provides the energy our brains need to stay alert and hardworking. When we’re running low on glucose, we have a tough time staying focused— and let’s face it, working on an empty stomach is not the best feeling— but you should not let yourself get to that point.

It is important to make the decision of what you will eat for lunch before you get hungry. If you do not allow that for yourself, you may end up running to the nearest food chain restaurant and it is most likely not the best for your brain and overall health.

Unhealthy lunch options seem to be cheaper and faster than the healthy alternatives, making it more tempting to reach for in the middle of a busy workday. They may seem efficient in the moment, but your body will not thank you later.

SuiteWorks offers a kitchen space with great amenities that will get you eating well throughout the day. It is recommended that you make your own lunch before heading to the office in the morning. You can put your food from home in the fridge to keep your food fresh. Also, to help clear your mind and reset your thoughts, you can opt to take a break and put together your own meal in the kitchen. There is also a microwave for you to use if needed.

And of course, because we know you are all busy workers, there is a dishwasher to place all your plates and cutlery after eating. So, you can get back to working right away!

We also know every business savvy person enjoys their good cup of coffee to keep them going, so that is why SuiteWorks has a Starbucks machine in the kitchen. So lucky for you, you can save some extra cash and time to put towards your business and its projects.

Working from our virtual office will not only provide you with the space to focus, but hopefully allow you to build healthy habits that will shine through you and your business. We design our space with you in mind, so you can work at your best each day.

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