How to Spice Up Your Office Space This Fall

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Even if you’re not a fan of the Pumpkin Spice trend, the Fall season has begun its annual tradition of ending the summer with cool breezes, hearty soups, and warm apple cider. Fall means that it’s finally that dreaded time to drag your boots and sweaters out of storage. 

Fall is in the air, but how do you get fall into the office?

It’s not hard to keep your office decor rotating on a seasonal basis, although it does take some effort and planning. Keeping your office decor in line with the changing seasons and holidays shows your employees and visiting clients/customers that you care about your fun and professional office space and will send a message that nothing sticks around long enough to get boring at your company. New ideas, projects, and collaborations are always just around the corner, just like your seasonal decor!  

You don’t have to spend a lot of money during the Fall to decorate your office space, it only takes a couple of dollars and a little bit of thought out work (and maybe some willing employees)! 

Fall Office Decor

Using your windows is a great opportunity to add a little touch of Fall to your office space! Themed curtains, rugs, stickers and Fall sticky decals on windows can add just enough to spark some Fall vibes in your office! 

If you don’t want to add anything to your windows, or don’t have windows in your office space, feel free to put up Fall-themed artwork, photos, seasonal flower arrangements, pumpkins, garlands, fun decor or more to desks, shelves, or as centerpieces. A bonus place for your seasonal decor is your reception area since that is the first place you, your employees and clients see when they come to your office space!

Desks are a great place to add some Fall decor since employees might want to add their own decor in their own area. Engage your employees and let them bring in their own decor as well to let them feel included in the new seasonal space! 

Invite team members to also share their own personal Fall items. This could include back to school photos, artwork, or any other items to make space enjoyable for everyone. 

Fall Employee Activities

Now that the office is booming with the Fall season, it’s time to pull out the fun festivities that come with Autumn! 

Creating games, special days, contests and more create more fun in the workplace and brings everyone together. Make “work” more than just a 9-5  job.

Some fun ideas for your workspace are: 

  • Pumpkin Carving Contests
  • Dress Down Day
  • Company Potlucks
  • Halloween Costume Parties/Contests
  • Special Halloween/Thanksgiving Parties
  • Friday Themed Snacks and Drinks (i.e. Cider, Cookies, Apple/Pumpkin Pie)
  • Celebrate Oktoberfest
  • Host a Trick-or-Treating Day with Kids 
  • Stock the Kitchen with Fall-Themed drinks (i.e. Flavoured Creamers, Cinnamon, Flavoured Syrups) 

Fall Client/Customer Fun 

Don’t just leave your Fall festivities for the office, let your clients/customers in for the fun! 

Make sure to utilize your seasonal email signatures, send Happy Holiday emails and more. If you want to go above and beyond, send or bring your clients/customers themed gift baskets for the Fall season. You can find themed ones online at or at any Marshalls, Homesense or other home stores. 

Overall, use this Fall season to showcase your seasonal creativity in your office space this year!