How to Stay Professional in the Entrepreneur World

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Being an entrepreneur and building your own business or personal brand can be very time consuming and challenging. Sometimes, we notice that when you get very busy, entrepreneurs can tend to forget to invest in things that show professionalism in their business!


So here are a list of things to remind you to stay professional as a business!


Stop Working From Coffee Shops


Deep down, we both know you need to stop. The idea of being able to work from a coffee shop, home, or some other place sounds really great. But when you have meetings, phone calls, and get distracted from your work, then there really isn’t a benefit that is worth losing professionalism of your business!


Using Non-Company Emails


Using an email that ends in can look unprofessional to future clients. It’s definitely worth it to make the change!




This is a no-brainer! When meeting with clients and trying to get them to buy from you, you need to look professional. This doesn’t always mean a full suit, or all done up with heels and a dress. This could simply be just a nice shirt and pants with your hair nicely done. 


Booking System


So you’ve got a potential client, who has emailed you (with your cool new professional email) to book a time to chat! It’s okay for you to coordinate a time through email. But this can be difficult and time consuming, since both of you could be exchanging times back and forth for what time is really best. A simple solution is a great booking system! 


A great one to use, and our favourite, is This helps you send your client a link and choose a time that is best for both of you. And saves you the time of emailing back and forth. Check out the awesome other benefits here


Having Regular Business Hours


We know that as an entrepreneur, there are tons of nights where you are working late, or early in the morning. But it’s important to remember that other businesses are not working at the same hours of you. It can sometimes look unprofessional when you are emailing, calling, or trying to meet with clients after or before hours of there job.


We’re not saying you can’t, because some people will rather meet for coffee after hours to chat. But for meeting new clients, try to keep in between work hours!


Get Your Own Office Space!


Get your own space! Working from home or from a coffee shop can be fun at first, but when getting serious about your business, you need to have some sort of office that you can have meetings in, do your work, and have a professional address! 


The perfect place to do this? A business centre! 


Business centres like SuiteWorks have tons of benefits to entrepreneurs, small or large businesses with offices, meeting spaces, virtual offices, lounge (if you still miss your coffee shop), professional address, receptionist and more! 


If you’re looking to get serious about your business, call us!

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