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3 Businesses That Use Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are booming, and it is not only for start-ups. Whether you are building a business from scratch, work from home for multiple outlets, or have a strong line in business, our virtual office in Barrie is a fit for all. Here are three types of businesses that use a virtual office.

Phone Companies

There are phone companies, such as AT&T and TELUS, who use virtual offices for some of their employees. When working for a large company, one office is sometimes not enough to fit a team. With that said, a virtual office makes it easy for the employees—whether that makes it more commute friendly for the employees to get to work, or allow a specific team to bond and work closer together, rather than working sparse in a large environment.

Law Groups
It is more common than you think for a law group to work out of a virtual office. It is important to have a space that is available and accessible for the high demanding hours as a lawyer, and a virtual office like ours in Barrie is just that. Suiteworks offers packages for 24/7 accesses to the office, so you can come in, as you need. The perfect fit for a law group.

Start-up entrepreneurs
As most know, virtual offices are mighty popular for start-up businesses. It allows you, as an entrepreneur, to work out of your bedroom but also save money on renting or purchasing a permanent office space. With that said, a virtual office still allows new and upcoming business to strive and grow. The office is perfect for meetings with clients and investors, interviewing potential employees, planning strong advertising strategies, and more.

At SuiteWorks we share spaces with a variety of clients that run business big and small. It does not matter where your business, a virtual space like ours will ensure you are comfortable with in-house coffee, kitchen, and lounge, but also the stay motivated in a work environment filled with business owners and entrepreneurs in many different fields.

If you want to see who has stayed a visit at our Barrie office, click here. 

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