Is Your Startup Ready for a Virtual Office?

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Virtual offices are popular with new businesses because they improve your business credibility and image, while offering you office solutions with low overhead. If your startup is growing and you are starting to think about moving into an office space, or getting some support help, think about virtual office services as the next step.

Here are some signs you’re ready for a virtual office:

  1. Your phone won’t stop ringing.  It’s difficult to be productive if your phone is constantly ringing.  Of course you don’t want to ignore it completely (especially if it could mean more business for you), but it’s a distraction that may make it harder for you to finish your project.  A virtual office plan offers reception and call answering services.  Your current and potential clients will be greeted by a professional “office assistant” who will assist you until you’re ready to answer.

  2. You need an office address.  Have you had a client drop by your home office unexpectedly for a meeting?  Or perhaps you’re ready to expand into a new area or improve your credibility? Virtual offices help you present a professional image that’s difficult to achieve with a home address.  Plus, it’ll allow you to keep your home address private.

  3. You want more money in your pocket.  Who doesn’t want to pay fewer bills?  A virtual office is much more affordable than renting office space.  The low monthly cost will help you reduce your overall expenses … and keep some extra money in the bank.

  4. You’re juggling other commitments.  Maybe you want to hit the gym throughout the day, or want to be there for you child’s next doctor’s appointment or field trip.  Your working hours can be flexible, while you “office” hours continue to be regular with a virtual office.  A virtual office will help you to keep your professional image AND provide the flexibility to balance your work and lifestyle.

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