The SuiteWorks Experience with Heather McKnight

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In the last month, we asked our clients to share their experience with SuiteWorks, and we love hearing the results! In the next couple months, we will be sharing more of these stories with everyone!

Heather McKnight of McKnight Family Law

Our first sit down was with Heather McKnight, with McKnight Family Law.

Heather McKnight is the owner, as well as a practicing Lawyer at the firm. McKnight Family Law practice areas are Family, Divorce and Matrimonial Law, Wills, Estates and Trust Laws. She assists her clients both inside and outside court for all stages and can assist in the drafting of marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements, court applications and provide consults explaining your legal rights. Her goal is to take some of the stress out of the legal system for her clients.

Heather has decided to work from SuiteWorks Business Centre since 2018 based on the great management, affordable all-in-one services and the central Barrie location.

SuiteWorks is full of amazing services, features, people and more! Heather finds that our friendly Reception Services, competitive prices, Networking and Social Events as well as Flexibility in Agreement the most are valuable to her business!

We asked Heather what her top criteria is when it comes to looking for an office space. Her response:

“Price, Staff Connection, Location and a Well Run Facility” 

Which is exactly what we have here at SuiteWorks! 

Heather also enjoys her experience with our Networking and Social events here at SuiteWorks for the “sense of community with fellow businesses”. We love putting on our Wednesday Socials, as well as out fun, informative events to help our client’s network, entertain, and learn more about how they can grow their businesses. And yes, the 100% free drinks and snacks are a bonus! 

Overall comments from Heather McKnight:

“Very well run facility, the staff takes extra steps to support their clientele!

If you’d like to share your experience with SuiteWorks, email us, or write a review on our Facebook or Google Page!