Top 10 reasons why you should try co-working

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Are you thinking of joining a co-working space but are unsure if it is for you? Well, here are some reasons why you should try it out and how it will benefit your day-to-day work routine.

1 — Separates work from home

Co-working spaces are great as they promote a work-life balance. They force you to have the nine to five grind and routine to give you more work time during the day. It is easy to get comfortable in your own home, which is not what you want when building a start-up of some sort. Co-working spaces allow you to separate your home and work life so when you do get home, you can relax and focus on something new to refresh your mind.

2 — Avoids loneliness

Although most business men and women look tough and hardworking, everyone needs human interaction and some sort of social aspect to thrive throughout the day and tough work week. It is often said that the life of an entrepreneur can be a lonely one, so do not let that be you.

Working alone is isolating and can have a negative effect on your mental well-being. Working in a space with other sharp minds will not only allow you to socialize to feel sane, but you may inspire one another by bouncing off ideas, having insightful chats that lead you to a new project, or just motivating one another.

3 — Builds contacts and networking opportunities

Communicating with the co-workers in your space is one of the most rewarding things you can do and being surrounded by goal oriented people is a major plus. This is great for building your brand and a great opportunity for small business owners to build contacts and develop relationships with like-minded people.

You should talk to everyone in your space and get to know them. You never know who you may work with in the future, what great talent you can use for future projects, or if someone has an outsourced contact that will benefit you in the long run.

4 — Flexibility

Are you ready to sign a long-term lease on a place you don’t love, pay utility bills, and install infrastructure? That that is only the few things you will need to handle if you were working from your own office. If that is something you do not want to do right now, co-working spaces are best for you. You can pick from different contracts and even pay as you go, if needed.

Working in a co-working space allows you to move around when you feel like you need to be re-inspired. You are never tied down to one specific space and you do not have to worry about any aftermath work, such as selling your place or dealing with a landlord.

5 — It is a low start-up cost

Any business mind wants to be in a working environment, but rent is only going up. If you have a start-up and need someone where to go, a co-working space is for you. Not only will you build relationships with other business savvy men and women, but your budget will not have to suffer.

Co-working spaces offer individual entrepreneurs a chance to work in a fully equipped office without worrying about the costs of setting up an actual office. Even if you can afford it, why would you deduct from the spending you can put towards an amazing project in the future? Plus, the time spent on sourcing equipment and furniture, talking to contractors, and getting licenses takes away from time you can have working.

6 — Work is more effective

It is easy to say—when you see others working hard, you feel like you need to also. And that is why every individual entrepreneur and start-up should work out of a co-working space. An office environment easily creates an energy and mindset that can only come from interacting with fellow workers. You cannot get that from your at-home office or bedroom.

In a co-working space, everyone is working hard and is consistently busy with their own projects. A co-working space will drive you on to make your own business a success because the more you see people doing, the more you will want to do for yourself.

7 — All-inclusive

A working space is made to benefit you. Depending on the package you get, your space is essentially all-inclusive. Along with the great contacts and networking you can build while in a co-working space, you have a lot of amenities that will make your day go by much easier. For example, you are provided free Wi-Fi, free coffee, a fully equipped kitchen, a phone package, and more.

8 — Accessible whenever

Although most entrepreneurs enjoy to work during the typical nine to five hours, it is possible something comes up in your life and you cannot go in. That is okay because most co-working spaces are open 24/7 so you can drop in whenever. So, you can take that extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning if you need to or come in at night if you want to bring your child on their school trip. Most co-working spaces work on your time.

9 — Breaking out of your comfort zone

Being a part of different co-working environments usually means that you will be working with new faces often. If you are someone who is used to being around the same people every day, the co-working space is a good way to break out of your comfort zone. You never know what talents your work neighbor may have that may interest you or benefit your business. So, if you find yourself in a new co-working space, this is a great chance for you to discover and learn something new.

10 — Save on lattes

This might sound outrageous but if you are an individual entrepreneur you know this is true. For entrepreneurs who work from home, it is important to get out of the house often. This either leads to a coffee shop or café—and let’s be real, caffeinated drinks are not cheap these days. But, if you work from a co-working space this is something you won’t have to worry about anymore.

You can save that extra coffee money and use it towards your new co-work space or any passion projects you have been budgeting for a while. Most co-working spaces—including SuiteWorks—offers free coffee (may we mention Starbucks coffee) throughout the day.

So, grab a mug and share a coffee break with your co-workers. Work will feel so much more rewarding when you share it with like-minded people.

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