Virtual Offices v.s. Traditional Offices

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Whether you are new to the business atmosphere or have been thriving for many years, the idea of switching to a virtual office may be on your radar. Many businesses are making the switch because the pros of a virtual office may benefit the business financially and logically. Here are top three differences that can factor your decision making between a virtual offices versus a traditional office.

1 — A virtual office is much more cost efficient. It doesn’t matter how much your business is making annually, there is always a place to put your money to better your business if you could save on a few other expenses. If you work out of a virtual office, you can be saving on real estate, furniture, technology, and more. Working out of a virtual office means you pay a monthly fee based on what package works best for you with no further commitment necessary. You also do not have to worry about fully furnishing the space because the virtual office already comes equipped for you to work. If those savings aren’t enough, we also have coffee waiting for you in the kitchen, so you don’t have to get out and buy your coffee before heading to the office.

2 — When you work out of a virtual office, there is a good chance you can skip the bumper-to-bumper rush hour before and after traditional work hours because you can set your own. You can easily cut your commute time in half, which will definitely give you a boost of motivation and a clear mind for the rest of the work day. And if you drive into work everyday, that also means less time sitting with your gas running and less money spent filling up!

3 — Finally, we all strive to have a better work life balance. With a virtual office, you can do that. You have the ability to give you and your employees more flexible hours, work from home options, and more.

So if you were thinking of switching to a virtual office space, or are searching for the perfect place to start your very first business, make sure to check out our flexible packages.