Why Businesses Are Switching to Co-Working Offices

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Co-Working spaces are an excellent opportunity to work away from your local coffee shop and get access to a professional place to work. When starting a new business, or growing a current one, this type of environment is great for working alongside individuals from different types of industries to network with. Also, with major cost-savings!

The idea of shared office spaces is rapidly growing as a popular way to work around the world. Many businesses, especially in larger, more advanced cities, are starting to see the benefits that come with Co-Working Spaces. 

Why Use Co-Working Sharing Spaces

Just plug-in and go! Co-Working spaces are convenient for the business owner. Running a business requires your eyes to be on projects and your employees at all times. That’s why Co-Working spaces make working and growing your business that much easier. 

Save Money 

Shared Co-Working spaces are a great option for saving money, which all companies can benefit from. Having lower overhead costs, a professional mailing address, free WIFI, networking, a semi-private space, furnished space (not to mention FREE Starbucks coffee here at SuiteWorks) and more, Co-Working is the obvious choice! 

Put Your Time Where it Needs to Be

Time is money when it comes to running a business. So don’t let your workplace be a drain on both! Co-Working will provide you with a semi-private shared space equipped with all the basics so that you can get to work.

Grow in the Future

Flexibility is important in the start-up and early growth stages of most businesses. You may find you need more office time or larger office spaces for additional team members. In other words, if your business needs change – your service package can change too! 

For instance, at SuiteWorks Business Centre, you’ll appreciate being able to customize your business centre services to help you change with your business. 

Receive Excellent Services in a Monthly Package

In addition to the benefits above, get all the great features of Co-Working spaces from SuiteWorks Business Centre including:

  • 24/7 access to the facility
  • Part-Time Co-Working Packages
  • Basic reception services
  • Call answering
  • A professional mailing address
  • A directory listing in the reception area
  • Discounts on meeting rooms
  • A semi-private shared space
  • Free WIFI
  • Free Starbucks coffee
  • Access to Networking Events, as well as Lunch and Learns
  • Softphone applications

Impress your Clients

As a result of having a Co-Working space, you can impress your clients or partners with a professional office space. Above all, you can be proud of! No more taking calls or scheduling important meetings from your local cafe.

Here at SuiteWorks Business Centre in Barrie, we bring together like-minded professionals. We offer all the amenities, facilities and technology of modern vibrant office space, with the added benefit of networking and the flexibility of customizable packages.

We offer a full-service, professional environment where you can enjoy the flexibility you need to grow your space as you grow your business!

We measure our success by how happy our clients are, and the number of businesses we’ve helped over the years. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you grow your business with premier office space, and flexible business centre services.