Why Serious Business Owners Choose Business Centres Over a Local Cafe

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Let’s face it, you and your local cafe need to take a break. You need your own space.


We’ve all been through this on a Monday morning…

You grab everything you need to work, your laptop, notebook, bag and your car keys. When you get to the cafe there isn’t any parking. You go to another location in your city, there is one parking spot, a little farther than you wanted. Once you get inside, there is only two spots left, you take one with 2 chairs and a small round table (that really only fits one person).


After ordering your (expensive) drink, you try to find room on the table to open your laptop, notebook and place your bag and jacket somewhere. Finally, when you get comfortable and focused, a group of loud, high-school kids come in and sit beside your table. Now, in addition to the typical noises of a cafe, you have a group of loud talking and you can’t focus anymore. You get a call from a client and can’t hear them at all. You end up having to leave and take a call outside or in your car.



Does that sound like a professional, productive way to work? Didn’t think so.


Now imagine, you grab everything you need for work, your car keys and your laptop. You get to SuiteWorks Business Centre and there is actually a parking spot, just for you!


You are greeted by a lovely receptionist, go to the Lounge, and grab a FREE cup of Starbucks coffee, tea or hot chocolate. In YOUR office space, you sit down and have more than enough room for everything you need to work and more. No distractions, no noise, and a more professional place for your business to be.


You don’t have to worry about security, cost, and you can have professional, private meeting rooms for clients, right down the hall!


Don’t keep your business in an unhealthy relationship with your local cafe. Choose a business centre!

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